Dr. Shane Harpham can restore your child’s smile with white zirconia dental crowns in Bluffton, South Carolina. Your child’s teeth are constantly at risk to develop cavities and experience other forms of dental damage. Although the primary (baby) teeth are temporary, they are important to keep your child’s smile healthy for life.

If your child has experienced severe dental damage or decay, our pediatric dentist may recommend that we restore the smile with a restoration that is more extensive than a dental filling, like a dental crown. For children who have had a pulpotomy (a root canal procedure for the baby teeth), we will likely recommend that he or she get a dental crown to restore the tooth to its full health, function and aesthetic.

Many dental offices use stainless steel dental crowns for children, but at Sea Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, we provide restorations that match the appearance of the natural teeth. The white zirconia dental crown is durable and natural-looking, with a high success rate, giving your child a smile restoration that they will feel confident in.

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