Each year thousands of individuals lose teeth due to sports-related injuries. At Sea Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, we offer services that can help your child keep their teeth healthy and protected while they play. If your child is active in high-contact sports, our pediatric dentist may recommend that he or she get an athletic mouth guard in Bluffton, South Carolina. Also called a sports guard, the oral appliance is custom-made to fit over the teeth to protect the teeth, soft tissues and jaw while playing sports.

Although sports guards can often be purchased at pharmacies and sporting goods stores, Dr. Shane Harpham recommends that your child get a professional, custom-made oral appliance to protect their smile. Most store-bought sports guards are made for adults with fully developed mouths, meaning that it is difficult to find an athletic mouth guard that is properly fitted for children. When your child comes to our dental office, our pediatric dentist and team will take precise measurements of your child’s smile, and we will create their oral appliance based on their unique smile needs, giving them a perfect fit that is comfortable to wear.

We recommend that children and adults who are involved in high-impact or high-contact sports wear an athletic mouth guard while playing. Some high-impact sports include:

• Wrestling
• Football
• Hockey
• Rugby
• Soccer
• Baseball
• Basketball

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